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SCOPE: Interior Design

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ryan Linnegar

The Anne Fontaine brand is synonymous with elegance and luxury. Melbourne is a design loving city with a populace that has a keen eye for quality. Within the opulent shopping destination, Emporium Melbourne, we have designed a store that expresses the Anne Fontaine brand whilst allowing the clothing and accessories to be the hero. Using a subtle, textural palette with warm accents of toffee and praline, the store communicates sophisticated chic. The streamlined design is complemented with a tonal simplicity that creates a calm atmosphere. Shoppers are attracted by the tactile curves that weave around the front and side of the exterior. Bespoke elements of artisanal materials such a venetian plaster, timber and stone, aged brass trims and brushed brass fittings harmonise perfectly to clearly enunciate the Anne Fontaine brand.

Anne fontaine one
Anne fontaine two
Anne fontaine three
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