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TYPE: Residential Renovation

SCOPE: Interior Design, Furnishing, Object and Art

CONCEPT: Magnolia


The concept Magnolia was developed as a representation of family life. The Magnolia flower was also a colour reference, with its many shades of white, punctuated with green and tawny brown.

Magnolia Home, situated on the Birchgrove peninsula has undergone a major transformation from a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, single storey, freestanding brick cottage built in 1925, to a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a second storey addition and extension.

Owned by husband and wife doctors, their brief was to create a light and serene environment using natural materials like timber, stone and greenery whilst remaining sympathetic to the architectural style of the surrounding environment. They needed to comfortably accommodate the family which included four children, a dog and the regular additional guest, in a stylish but functional relaxed home. Their particular love of wainscoting was an immovable element in the design brief along with an abundance of natural light and space maximisation.

Breathing air and life into every room with a neutral aesthetic using texture and material as defining features, our focus was to delicately stitch together the past and present. To that end the front and original part of the house largely maintained its original period references with the long hallway leading out to the new, more contemporary part of the home. Bespoke design elements incorporated the Magnolia concept including Magnolia lead lights and custom designed handrail.

The overarching design narrative is of an oasis of calm energy. Character pieces, sophisticated colours, playful textures and refined materials deliver a space where the new is now an integral part of the whole, breathing life back into a tired worker’s cottage. 

Conway Wise Birchgrove one
Conway Wise Birchgrove two
Conway Wise Birchgrove three
Conway Wise Birchgrove three
Conway Wise Birchgrove four


I am absolutely delighted to provide a glowing testimonial for Shellie and Mishell's outstanding work as designers. Their creativity and vision have truly left an indelible mark on our project and we are thrilled with the results. C&W’s commitment to delivering exceptional results while truly reflecting our vision was evident from the very beginning. They listened to our needs and incorporated our preferences while still infusing their artistic flair. The result is a home that is not only stylish - I still smile when I walk by the kitchen - but functional as well. C&W’s attention to detail combined with an innate understanding of aesthetics has transformed our space into a true work of art and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking to transform their spaces into extraordinary living experiences. 

Conway Wise Birchgrove five
Conway Wise Birchgrove six
Conway Wise Birchgrove seven
Conway Wise Birchgrove nine
Conway Wise Birchgrove ten
Conway Wise Birchgrove eleven
Conway Wise Birchgrove twelve
Conway Wise Birchgrove thirteen
Conway Wise Birchgrove fourteen
Conway Wise Birchgrove fifteen
Conway Wise Birchgrove sixteen
Conway Wise Birchgrove seventeen
Conway Wise Birchgrove eighteen
Conway Wise Birchgrove nineteen
Conway Wise Birchgrove twenty
Conway Wise Birchgrove twenty one
Conway Wise Birchgrove twenty two
Conway Wise Birchgrove twenty three