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Edgecliff Office


TYPE: Commercial

SCOPE: Interior Design and Art

CONCEPT: Prelude to a Dream

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ryan Linnegar

PRELUDE TO A DREAM concept was inspired by the client’s own quote “The therapy space is not just an office or a room, but a place where dreaming happens”. The client, a clinical and forensic psychologist had occupied his rooms for 20 years without change and the space required a complete update and reconfiguration. The design challenge was to create a space that was simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, that was evocative yet secure. A key component of our client’s treatment process is through the utilisation of his musical compositions. Our design intent was to create an immersive experience that evoked emotion and imagination and engaged the senses. In this space all senses are engaged except taste. A visual response through thought provoking design, a kinesthetic response through highly textural materials, auditory response through the client’s music delivered by surround sound and smell through the use of a signature fragrance burned. Further, the client's own surreal landscape photography was used as artwork. A warm cloud-like ambience, embodied in an ethereal mural, embraces the patient arriving into the waiting room. This allows for contemplation- the "prelude to the dream". The dream state continues into the cocooning, deep blue treatment room and inspires healing.

Edgecliff office one
Edgecliff office two
Edgecliff office three
Edgecliff office four


"Any renovation is challenging, perhaps mine more than most. A psychotherapy space has very specific requirements. From our very first meeting, I could see that Shellie and Mishell just ‘got it’. They were receptive, imaginative and speedily created a compelling concept. From the outset I liked that the two had complementary perspectives and talents, yet were always respectful of each other. They were skilled in working effectively with me and managing my many concerns gently and logically, without losing their ever-clear focus. The relationship that developed between us made it easy for any of us to contribute creatively, or ‘give way’, as circumstances dictated. They liaised with tradespeople efficiently and seamlessly. They were diligent, conscientious, and always willing to go the extra distance for me. I felt they were personally invested in an excellent outcome, which I am pleased to say they achieved. The end result was way beyond even my expectations. Their business efficiency, aesthetic sense, creativity and communication skills were all outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

Edgecliff office five
Edgecliff office six
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